M16 William (ca.1678/79-ca.1695)

MeriRep:Society Genealogist

Book Project:The Meriwether Family in America, Volume I: The Colonists

Metrics:Never married; died young.

Biographical Sketch:

Only one extant record reveals the existence of William and that pertains to his death. On 5 March 1694/95 the Surry County Court granted a Commission of Administration to Captain Francis Clements and Elizabeth, his wife, and Nicholas Meriwether (Elizabeth and Nicholas being sister and brother to the deceased). Subsequently, on 21 April 1695, Governor Sir Edmund Andros, Kn’t., provided the necessary orders to administer William’s personal estate of “divers goods” and account for it.

William had never appeared on any of the Surry County tithable lists for the period and in the several existing records pertaining to his siblings he is not mentioned. Nor is there any evidence he may have been included in his father's will, of which his mother was the executor. He did not leave a will; hence, the Commission of Administration. As the process was handled by a Surry County Court, he likely was a resident thereof at the time of his death, possibly living with Coll. Wm. Browne, his step-father, or perhaps with his sister, Elizabeth Clements, at “Indian Spring.” Appointment of his siblings as administrators suggests his mother, Elizabeth Meriwether Browne had died and that Coll. Browne was not considered his guardian.

A copy of the report of administration of William’s estate has not been located.

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