M122 David(1690-1744) & Anne (Holmes)

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Biographical Sketch:

David Meriwether, second child of Nicholas II and Elizabeth Crawford, was born about 1690, probably in Surry county, Virginia, and died in Louisa county 25 December 1744, about six weeks after his father's death. The will of Nicholas Meriwether was entered for probate 20 November 1744 in Goochland County. The will of David Meriwether was entered for probate in Louisa County 22 January 1745, but undoubtedly his will did not specifically dispose of his inheritance from his father.

From the will of Nicholas Meriwether it is known that the home place where David lived was left to him, and the sons of David were also left large plantations, a share of the slaves, and a division of the livestock. David was a wealthy landowner, having possession of several tracts, probably from his father, who was among the largest landholders in Virginia. Old accounts hold that David had possession of one place of 3,300 acres from 1721, and that four of his sons were in possession of more than 5,000 acres before the death of their grandfather in 1744; after this date their holdings mounted to more than 10,000 acres. With their father they held some 13,000 to 14,000 acres between them. From all accounts Thomas, the eldest child, and his brother James had the advantage in total acreage.

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