The Society sponsors several book projects and an English research program exploring the origination of Nicholas and his siblings prior to their arrival in Jamestowne/James City VA in the 1650s and a repository has been established at theVirginia Historical Societyfor preservation of donated heirlooms and historical documents of Meriwether Society members.

English Research Project

Meriwether DNA

Meriwether Heritage Book Project

Volume I - The Colonists is now available! See sidebar.

Possible Future Projects

1, We need volunteers to help document Meriwether ancestors whose descendants are eligible for membership in other Societies, such as the DAR/SAR, UDC, Magna Charta Society, etc. See the Other Societies info in the Resources section.

Here are some other projects that might be of interest to start, if we get a volunteer or two:

2. Meriwether descendants who have served in the US Armed Services, especially the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War, etc.

3. Collect US Census data on Meriwether descendants. Sharon Pike has been doing this for the Meriwether surname (and 20+ variations of the spelling), but there are thousands of other surnames.

4. Collect the names of historical farms, plantations, homes, buildings that have Meriwether connections.

5. Identify the burial places for Meriwether descendants.

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