The Meriwether Society Book Series Project

Early efforts to revise Nelson Heath Meriwether’s 1964 publication, The Meriwethers and Their Connections, quickly revealed that there was too much new material available to make a simple revision possible. Further details relating to Nicholas II’s siblings also needed development as did information about family connections.

To resolve this issue, a series of books relating to our Meriwether family (The Meriwether Family in America) was visualized. This series would contain a number of carefully coordinated volumes designed to tell the complete story of the Meriwethers in America and such evidence of a British ancestor as known. The society board of directors approves requests by Family Group Representatives for volumes in the series.

Approved volumes in The Meriwether Family in America series

Volume I, The Colonists. Volume Project Manager: Maury Kendall. Scope: The introductory volume in the series, it is a complete family history and genealogy through the third American generation, together with British ancestors. It also includes summary data on the forth and fifth generations, as the basis for sequent volumes. THIS BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! CLICK HERE

At this time no other Book Projects have been started. If you are interested in managing the creation of a book for your family, please contact the Society Genealogist.

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