M14 Jane (ca.1675-<1747) & William Browne


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(A poorly researched/documented line, which is a shame because William Browne Sr. married NM1's widow, Elizabeth (?) Meriwether, and raised most of the Meriwether children. And judging by the success and influence that Nicholas II, Francis II and Thomas enjoyed, he did a splendid job. Meriwether descendants owe the Browne line much better treatment.)

Biographical Sketch:

As with her half-sister, Elizabeth (M11), much of what we know about Jane’s (M14) life is reflected in the life and times of her husband, Capt. William Browne Jr., son of Lt. Col. William Browne, who had married her mother, Elizabeth, in early 1680. We consider Jane was born around 1675 in Surry County, possibly named after her mother’s sister (Jane (?) Hartwell). She likely was about age five when her mother probably moved the Meriwether family from Indian Spring to Four Mile Tree. Being only about three years old when she lost her father, in December 1678, it is obvious her development reflected the practices and interaction of the Browne household. Jane would have been around age 16 in 1691 and an eligible young lady for marriage. She married Capt. William Browne Jr., her stepbrother.

The only mention we have of Jane’s activities is on 20 August 1712, then likely about 37 years of age, when in two events she relinquished her right of dower in order that her husband, Capt. William Browne, might sell two properties.

She was not alive when he signed his will on 3 July 1746, so obviously she must have passed away sometime between August 1712 and July 1746. She was recognized in her father-in-law’s 1705 will. In addition to having been given 10 pounds sterling to buy a plate, she was made one of the executors in trust to be sure his will was executed as desired. William Sr. must have held Jane (M14) in high regard.

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