M1227 James (1729-1801) & (a) Judith H. Burnley and (b) Elizabeth Pollard

MeriRep:M1227a - Susan Lindig; M1227b - Vacant.

Book Project:Not yet assigned.

Metrics: Two spouses, 12,738 descendants and in-laws.

Biographical Sketch:

James Meriwether was born in Hanover County, Virginia on 21 June 1729. James' will and a codicil dated 4 June 1801 bears his signature. Since the will was proved on 13 July 1801, it seems probable that James died in Louisa about June 1801.

James held several positions in both colonial and Revolutionary era America. In November 1761, he was a Captain in the Louisa County militia. At this time he also acted as surveyor of the Doctor's Road in the same county. He served as a gentleman Justice in colonial Louisa, from 1763 to 8 July 1776, after which time he continued service as a Justice of the commonwealth for Louisa County until 1785. In 1785, he held the position of First Justice.

James received a commission as Lt Col. of the Louisa Militia on 1 November 1772. He rendered material aid to the cause of Independence, and was probably the Col. Meriwether who served as Clerk of the VA Revolutionary Council. Records also indicated that James may have been at Valley Forge.


James Meriwether lived through the period of colonial government by Great Britain, and the Revolutionary period of our history and well into the foundation of the United States of America. All of his descendants are entitled by his service, both to Colonial America and the United States, to membership in the various patriotic societies. James Meriwether was one of the many grandchildren left bequests in the will of his grandfather Nicholas Meriwether (1667-1744). (NHM)

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