Family Groups

As explained in the Organization section, the Society has identified smaller Family Group units to better focus attention of social and research activities to specific targets. Each new member of the Society is assigned to the Family Group(s) from which they descend and are encouraged to work with the group's Family Group Rep (MeriRep) to help expand the Society's information about the descendants.

Most of the social Family Groups are third or fourth generation Meriwethers known to have living descendants. Some of the groups, such as for Nicholas I (M1), Nicholas II (M12) and David (M122) are for research purposes only, as they have so many descendants that the fourth generation children each qualified to be a separate group. Those individuals who died without descendants are not assigned active FGRs.

If you know the Family Group to which you descend, click the link to find detailed information about the group, its assigned FGR and assistants, goals, and status of book projects, if any.

Help Needed

Separate web pages have been created for each Family Group, identifying the Family Group Rep, the book volume planned to publish updated information about that group, metrics showing the number of descendants and spouses in the TMSI Research Database (add 10% for parents of spouses, which appear when known), and a biographical sketch of the Family Group members (parents and children). Note that we are missing many such sketches and request the help of volunteers who would like to write up a short biographical sketch for us. Also note that we are missing some Family Group Reps and volunteers to help design and create the books. Contact us if you would like to help.

Family Group Numbers -First Four Generations

M1 Nicholas Meriwether I (1631-1678) & (a) [Unknown] and (b) Elizabeth [Unknown]

M11 Elizabeth Meriwether (1657/66-<1700) & (a) Rev. John Clough and (b) Francis Clements

M12 Nicholas Meriwether II (1665-1744) & Elizabeth Crafford

M121 William Meriwether (ca.1688-1756?) & Elizabeth Bushrod

M122 David Meriwether (1690-1744) & Anne Holmes

M1221 Thomas Meriwether (1714/15-1756) & Elizabeth Thornton

M1222 Francis Meriwether (1726-1793) & Mary Waller Lewis

M1223Nicholas Meriwether (1720-1758) & Frances Morton

M1224 Anne Meriwether (1721-17??) & Thomas Ballard Smith

M1225 Sarah Meriwether (1724-1725) [DY]

M1226 David Meriwether (1716-1772) & Mary Weaver

M1227 James Meriwether (1729-1801) & (a) Judith H. Burnley and (b) Elizabeth Pollard

M1228 William Meriwether(1730-1790) & Martha Cox Wood

M123 Thomas Meriwether (ca.1691-<1721?) -- this person probably did not exist

M124 Anne Meriwether (ca.1694-1785) & Thomas Johnson

M125 Sarah Meriwether (1697-1733) & William Littlepage

M126 Nicholas Meriwether III (1699-<1721?) -- died unmarried

M127 Elizabeth Meriwether (1703-1725) & Thomas Bray

M128 Jane Meriwether (ca.1705/6-<1758) & Robert Lewis

M129 Mary Meriwether (ca.1707-1745) & John Aylett

M13 Francis Meriwether (ca.1670-1713) & Mary Bathurst

M14 Jane Meriwether (ca.1675-<1747) & William Browne

M15 Thomas Meriwether (ca.1677-1708/09) & (a) Elizabeth Williamson and (b) Susannah [Unknown] (?)

M16 William Meriwether (ca.1678/79-ca.1695) - died unmarried

M2 Francis Meriwether I (>1631-ca.1676) -- no known descendants

M3 Jane Meriwether (?) I (>1631-<1699) & (a) William White and (b)Henry Hartwell

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