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Meriwether History

Discuss history of the Meriwether name, family crest, etc.

Family Groups

As explained in the Organization section, the Society has identified smaller Family Group units to better focus attention of social and research activities to specific targets. Each new member of the Society is assigned to the Family Group(s) from which they descend and are encouraged to work with the group's Family Group Rep (MeriRep) to help expand the Society's information about the descendants.

Most of the social Family Groups are third or fourth generation Meriwethers known to have living descendants. Some of the groups, such as for Nicholas I (M1), Nicholas II (M12) and David (M122) are for research purposes only, as they have so many descendants that the fourth generation children each qualified to be a separate group. Those individuals who died without descendants are not assigned active FGRs.

If you know the Family Group to which you descend, click the link to find detailed information about the group, its assigned FGR and assistants, goals, and status of book projects, if any.

Meriwether Mailing List

Use the MERIWETHER-L Request Form below to subscribe. Just enter your name and email address, select the SUBSCRIBE for the Subject, and in the Message area just enter the single word SUBSCRIBE

To remove yourself from the list, perform the same actions but use the word UNSUBSCRIBE instead.


It is possible to search the Meriwether archives to see what messages have been sent in the past. This ability is enhanced if you insure that your Subject is always changed to reflect the actual subject of your message. To search the archive, click on the following link:

To search the MERIWETHER-L Archives by date:

If you use an RSS reader, bookmark the following link: RSS Feed for MERIWETHER

TMSI Research Database

The links below were a useful shortcut to Family Groups in the old Worldconnect TMSIDB0 Family Tree. The new Worldconnect system does not currently support these shortcuts.

Note that none of the links in the sidebar currently work. Hopefully soon…

Meriwether Burial Places

The website is a wonderful resource for finding where people are buried. This site relies on individuals entering and maintaining the burial locations of friends and family. Many contributors are not family but have volunteered to inventory a cemetery. If you have not visited, we highly recommend you do so!

Memorial Transfers

Meriwether Society members have been creating online Memorials for a number of years and many have been transferred to the care of the Society. If you have created Memorials for Meriwether family members, please consider transferring the Memorial to the Society for future management and updates. To do so, just click the Transfer button on a Memorial you manage and transfer it to member #46827721.

Virtual Cemeteries

Virtual Cemeteries are named collections of Memorial links. The Meriwether Society manages a number of Virtual Cemeteries, mostly containing folks buried in a common location, such as a State. To see who the individuals we have identified in each Virtual Cemetery, go to our Findagrave Home Page and click on one of the Virtual Cemetery links.

Message Boards


There are a number of Meriwether-related message boards of interest. We have provided links below to some. For a comprehensive list of genealogy related sites, be sure to visit Cyndi's List.

Unconnected Meriwethers

While researching Meriwether genealogy, we frequently come across Meriwether families that we are unable to connect to the Nicholas Meriwether tree. These unconnected branches are documented in this database, with the hope that researchers from this or other families might find evidence that will help us make a definitive connection. Some families, such as the German Meriwethers of Louisville, Kentucky, we know are not part of the Nicholas tree (they have their own seprate Worldconnect site maintained by TMSI member Sharon Pike). There are also several individuals, such as Thomas E. Meriwether or Richard Dorsey Meriwether where we feel very strongly that they belong to the Nicholas I tree, but we simply lack any evidence of a possible connection. Finally, there are some connections with Meriwethers that have been "documented" by other researchers that we know, or at least strongly believe, are bogus, incorrect, without merit.

Please review the Unconnected families listed here and let us know if you can help solve a mystery!

Famous Connections

The Meriwether family has intertwined with many of the most prominent families of America, especially in the early South. The last item in the side bar to the left contains links to some that we have identified. There are many more. If you know of one we missed, please let me know via the SURNAME contact form.

Not shown for privacy reasons: Miss America 1955, Lee Ann Meriwether and her sixth cousin, actress Dina Merrill (Nadinia Hutton, daughter of E. F. Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather Post), and actress Glenn Close, a Taliaferro descendant, but also the granddaughter of Edward Bennett Close, first husband of Marjorie Merriweather Post. Or the Hon. Connie Mack, former Republican Senator from Florida.

Society Memberships

Meriwether descendants are eligible for membership in a number of prestigious organizations. Below are a few. The Society needs volunteers to help us identify ancestors members can use for eligibility, so if you are a member of one of these Societies (or are trying to become a member) and are interested in doing this, please use the contact form in the side bar. Also, please tell us of other eligible societies, perhaps in your region, state, or county, that might be of interest to others.

Descendants of Nicholas Meriwether I areeligible for membershipin The Jamestowne Society.

Descendants of Nicholas II and Elizabeth Crafford/Crawford are supposedly eligible for membership inThe National Society Magna Charta Dames and Barons. If you know the process, please contact us.

Descendants of several Meriwethers are eligible for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) or Sons of the American RevolutionNational Societies.

Meriwether females whose ancestors served in the Civil War for the Confederate States of America are eligible for membership in the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which was founded by Caroline (Meriwether) Goodlett.

Other TMSI Resources

Kentucky Death Index 1911-2000 - Compiled by Sharon Pike
All Meriwether deaths found in the Kentucky death index are listedfor 1911-2000. They have been sorted alphabetically by first name,regardless of the spelling of the last name. The death certificateincludes valuable information on the deceased including full name,age, race, birth date and place, death date and place, residence,marital status and name of spouse, names and birthplaces of parents,cause of death, and place of burial.

Kentucky Death Abstracts 1911-1949 - Compiled by Sharon Pike
Abstract for white Meriwether death certificates.

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