While researching Meriwether genealogy, we frequently come across Meriwether families that we are unable to connect to the Nicholas Meriwether tree. These unconnected branches are documented in this database, with the hope that researchers from this or other families might find evidence that will help us make a definitive connection. Some families, such as the German Meriwethers of Louisville, Kentucky, we know are not part of the Nicholas tree (they have their own seprate Worldconnect site maintained by TMSI member Sharon Pike). There are also several individuals, such as Thomas E. Meriwether or Richard Dorsey Meriwether where we feel very strongly that they belong to the Nicholas I tree, but we simply lack any evidence of a possible connection. Finally, there are some connections with Meriwethers that have been "documented" by other researchers that we know, or at least strongly believe, are bogus, incorrect, without merit.

Please review the Unconnected families listed here and let us know if you can help solve a mystery!

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