Meriwether Burial Places

The website is a wonderful resource for finding where people are buried. This site relies on individuals entering and maintaining the burial locations of friends and family. Many contributors are not family but have volunteered to inventory a cemetery. If you have not visited, we highly recommend you do so!

Memorial Transfers

Meriwether Society members have been creating online Memorials for a number of years and many have been transferred to the care of the Society. If you have created Memorials for Meriwether family members, please consider transferring the Memorial to the Society for future management and updates. To do so, just click the Transfer button on a Memorial you manage and transfer it to member #46827721.

Virtual Cemeteries

Virtual Cemeteries are named collections of Memorial links. The Meriwether Society manages a number of Virtual Cemeteries, mostly containing folks buried in a common location, such as a State. To see who the individuals we have identified in each Virtual Cemetery, go to our Findagrave Home Page and click on one of the Virtual Cemetery links.

If you know of or come across a Memorial for a Meriwether cousin or connection, let us know so we can add it to one of our "Virtual Cemetery" listings to make it easier for others to find. If you would like to volunteer to add links to our Virtual Cemeteries, send us an email. There are other Virtual Cemeteries that might be useful, such as Civil War Veterans, Veterans in general, Lawyers, etc. A person can be assigned to multiple Virtual Cemeteries. All we need are volunteers to help organize them!

Click Here to see The Meriwether Society Find-A-Grave Homepage

Click Here to see The Meriwether Society Virtual cemeteries

TMSI Research Database Link

The Society has maintained an online genealogy research database for a number of years on Unfortunately, Find-A-Grave rules prevent us from adding a link from a Memorial to the genealogical record for that person. But for Memorials that the Society manages, we are adding the TMSI # in the Notes field on the memorial. You can use this number to directly access the Rootsweb record. We are also adding links from Rootsweb back to Find-A-Grave Memorials. This can be done even if we do not manage the Memorial. So, if you know of a Memorial that does not have a Findagrave link on our Rootsweb record, let us know. The "volunteer" trying to add these links is a bit behind and appreciates the random request to correct some missing link.

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