Meriwether Society Videos

Following are available in DVD format for $15 each:

Reunion 1989:Atlanta,GA.

Reunion 1991:Washington D.C.

Reunion 1995:Richmond,VA.

Reunions 1997, 1999, 2001:Nashville,TN1997, Williamsburg,VA1999, Louisville,KY2001. Includes Annual Meetings in 2000 (Louisville) and 2002 (Charlottesville). All on one DVD.

Reunion 2003:Charlottesville,VA.

Annual Meeting2004:St. Louis, MO.

Reunion 2005:St. Louis,MO.

Reunion 2007:Williamsburg,VA.

Reunion 2009:Montgomery, AL.

Annual Meeting 2010:Alexandria,VA.

Reunion 2011:Washington, DC.

Annual Meeting 2012:Salt Lake City, UT.

Following are available as a DVD or Blue-Ray.
Choose one. Or one of each!

Meriwether Reunion 2013:Memphis,TN.Price $15ea

Meriwether Reunion 2015:Charlottesville, VA.Price $20ea

Annual Meeting 2016:San Antonio, TX.

Meriwether Reunion 2017:Nashville, TN.

Annual Meeting 2018:Fort Wayne, IN.

Meriwether Reunion 2019:Williamsburg,VA.

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