Honors, Awards, Recognition

Memorial and Recognition Research Fund

To help support its research projects, the Society accepts donations to the Research Fund made by members to honor deceased (Memorial) or living (Recognition) family members. Donations are accepted in increments of $25 and can designate the name of a single individual or a husband and wife . The Society keeps a permanent roster of those so honored and publishes a list of new donations in the newsletter. This is an excellent way to pay your respect to an ancestor or other Meriwether relative and help support the Society's research goals. Use of the Research fund also allows the Society to keep research funding separate from operational expenses used to maintain the newsletter, web site, and annual meeting/Reunion planning.

If you would like to contribute, send a check made out to The Meriwether Society and a letter listing the name(s) to be honored. The mailing address is on the Welcome page.

Distinguished Member Award

The Distinguished Member Award was created to honor those who have contributed significantly to the goals and well being of The Meriwether Society. Members who have been awarded this honor carry the designation 'DM' after their name on Society materials. This is a very prestigious award and requires board approval by two separate boards.

At the 2015 Annual Meeting, the Society officers and board voted to change the name of the Distinguished Member Award to The Maurice W. Kendall Distinguished Member Award, in honor of our cousin Maury Kendall and in recognition of the significant contributions he has made to the Society.

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